Employment Status and Needs of PVTG (Jenu Kuruba and Koraga) Youth in Karnataka

There are about 6.99 per cent of the total ST population in Karnataka estimated by the Census of India 2011, who are falling into 50 different groups in the whole state. Karnataka state is an important place for tribes. The major population of tribes in Karnataka are found in the backward regions of Karnataka. The forest habitat is threatened by various factors which eventually led to displacing the tribal people from their natural habitat. The irony of the tribal population in Karnataka is that they are a minority in the state and are placed in a scattered way. They as a sociological entity do not have any special identity. Their political power is negligible, thus have been neglected and marginalised.


The tribal population traditionally dependent on collection and sale of NTFP, and agriculture. But in the recent days, the traditional livelihood options are going through lots of challenges. Availability of NTFP is not continuous due to varying climatic conditions. The agricultural crops are being destructed by wild animals, availability of water is a challenge for irrigation. Electricity cannot be reached to all the different hamlets cutting the forest. On the other hand, the present generation is now getting educated and they need to be provided with alternative livelihood opportunities. Providing them skills, exposure and information on opportunities available is key. But, lack of information about number of youth acquired different educational qualifications, their skill sets, interest to work in different sectors, socio-cultural challenges for migrating for livelihood etc is posing a challenge to plan alternative livelihood for the youth. 


Hence, this study is proposed to gather information that are required to provide skill, employment and livelihood opportunity for PVTG in Karnataka.


Project Snapshot:

Project Name Employment Status and Needs of PVTG (Jenu Kuruba and Koraga) Youth in Karnataka
Project Sanction Date 30 Sep 2023
Project Period Sep 2023 to Jan 2024
Project Location Mysuru, Kodagu, Chamarajanagar, Dakshina Kannada, Udupi
Project Supported By
Project Team

Project objectives:

This study aims at understand status of youth in the age group of 15 to 29 in terms of education, skill and livelihood, and also understanding their interest & contemplation to pursue life and career. Study also aims how social, gender, occupational and cultural aspects of the Koraga and Jenukuruba tribes matters in planning skill, employment and livelihood initiatives. Study also explores innate opportunities keeping challenges for migration in mind.

1. To understand the socio-economic status of the Koraga and Jenu kuruba tribal youth in Karnataka. 

2. To understand status or profile of education-skill of the youth, and their awareness and interest to pursue skill programs 

3. To understand potential barriers or challenges for enabling them to be skilled and employed outside their habitations 

4. To understand the inherent skills or livelihood, and potential opportunities for the same 

5. To understand gender dimension in livelihood and employment among the Koraga and Jenu kuruba youth. 

6. To understand the reach of skill and livelihood programs 


Project Result / Accomplishments:

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