Introduction to Public Policy- IPP

Introduction to Public Policy (IPP) is a 03-day online certificate course by Grassroots Research and Advocacy Movement (GRAAM), a public policy think tank. The course aims at familiarizing public policy enthusiasts with the key concepts and theories of Public Policy. This is a unique opportunity for learners from diverse backgrounds to understand basic concepts of policymaking through practitioners’ experience on how policies are formulated, implemented, and evaluated based on informed experiences and facts rather than opinions.


Project Snapshot:

Project Name Introduction to Public Policy- IPP
Project Sanction Date 01 Jan 2022
Project Period Jan 2022 to Oct 2023
Project Location Online
Project Supported By
Project Team

Project objectives:

·       To impart knowledge on the basic features of public policy

·       To educate on the evolution of public policy & process of policy formulation

·       To provide framework and insights for policy analysis and policy communication

Project Result / Accomplishments:

About 150 professionals, including students, mid-career professionals and independent researchers, were trained using interactive Q&As and live examples

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