We Mill-A Social Business Initiatives for Rural Women

Social Business is a novel concept that addresses both the social as well as economic benefits. Based on the social business model, GRAAM with Wuerth Electronics has crafted and executed a project called We Mill. With intentions of empowering the rural women, benefiting local farmers, and providing healthy produce to people,  We Mill is established. 
The initiative is designed on the principles of rural wealth creation and creating a ‘for-benefit economy’.  Under We Mill, millets-based food products are crafted to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities for rural women.  GRAAM and Wuerth Electronics in Mysuru picked 14 women from Bilikere village and provided them an opportunity to be the first-generation women social entrepreneurs from their village.  


Project Snapshot:

Project Name We Mill-A Social Business Initiatives for Rural Women
Project Sanction Date 30 Nov 2019
Project Period Nov 2019 to Mar 2025
Project Location Mysuru, Karnataka
Project Supported By
Project Team

Project objectives:

To identify one most potential area to establish the project in Mysuru district

To augment the capacity of the women entrepreneurs in order to sustain the initiatives beyond GRAAM’s involvement

To establish and streamline an effective marketing channel to reach the product to potential markets to make the enterprise sustainable

Project Result / Accomplishments:

The 'action-research' initiative by GRAAM began by visiting four taluks of the Mysuru district to identify potential field partners for mobilization of the rural livelihood project

The journey to creating the perfect 'box of health’ began with identifying a potential area to establish the manufacturing unit

The team interacted with several local women to understand their needs and conditions

A total of 24 meetings were conducted in 12 villages, 95 SHG groups and 363 women members

At the same time, GRAAM met the officials of CSIR-CFTRI to discuss the technology to produce Ragi-based products   

The selection process of rural women entrepreneurs involved three phases 

In Phase 01,  Screening, Profiling, and Selection of suitable women entrepreneurs were done by conducting by Business screening questionnaire. Later Selection and profiling were done by WEP and 20 women were selected. 

In Phase 02, the Capacity Building and Handholding activities were conducted for the women with the help of Pre-assessment, suitable training intervention, outcome business plans, and Post-assessment 

Phase 03 involves Business Plans which require continuous monitoring and counseling.  

Finally,  the 14 first-generation women entrepreneurs underwent capacity-building and technical training 

The production unit has been established at Bilikere wherein women are now producing Ragi-based products under the brand name We Mill   

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