Evaluation of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) in Karnataka

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) is a skill development scheme of the Ministry of Rural Development, GoI. The scheme is based on the premise that the rural youth face certain entry barriers with respect to the job market, such as inadequate formal education and lack of marketable skills. It emphasizes not only on providing training, but also on finding suitable and sustainable employment for the beneficiaries with supporting services for one year. The scheme guidelines define placement in terms of ‘continuous work for 3 months with salary slip as evidence’.


Project Snapshot:

Project Name Evaluation of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) in Karnataka
Project Sanction Date 30 Jan 2019
Project Period Jan 2019 to Mar 2020
Project Location Karnataka
Project Supported By
Project Team

Project objectives:

• Study the need and requirement of skill and capacity building of the youth in Karnataka.

• Understand and map the demographic characteristics of beneficiaries, their aspirations and willingness to participate in the program.

• Assess the quality and efficiency of PIAs in terms of mobilization of candidates, training and placement support.

• Study the programme's sustainability, and overlapping and suggest further improvements in the scheme. Assess the convenience of the training course for beneficiaries.

• Understand the extent of migration and the effect of the scheme on migration.

Project Result / Accomplishments:

i. The performance of the scheme in Karnataka in terms of placement rate is poor. Secondary data shows that the average placement rate during the five-year period from 2014-15 to 2018-19 is 36.68%.

ii. About 70% of female beneficiaries and 63.42% of male beneficiaries had resigned from the placement/first job due to Unsatisfactory salary and inconvenient location.

iii. Overall, only about 42% of the beneficiaries were employed in the first year after training for a continuous period of one year.

iv. Beneficiaries wish to start own business and doing home based job (25.48%) but DDU-GKY does not have self-employment or entrepreneurship component.

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