Status of Senior Citizens in Karnataka: Evaluation of NOAPS and SSY schemes for Senior Citizens

This study was conducted to understand the effectiveness of IGNOAPS of the Central Government and SSY of state government schemes in the state of Karnataka and its impact on the socio-economic conditions of elderly populations of the state. The study also aims to suggest a road map for policymakers in terms of amplifying the pension coverage for the poor and vulnerable elderly population in Karnataka. 

The Government of India and the Government of Karnataka have initiated social security pension schemes for the aged, which are being implemented in Karnataka.  The government of India initiated the ‘National Old Age Pension Scheme’ (NOAPS) for BPL people above the age of 60 years in 1995 (renamed Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme or IGNOAPS in 2007). The financing of the scheme is shared by the Central and State Governments. IGNOAPS is part of the National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP). Apart from IGNOAPS, the Government of Karnataka also implements the state government senior citizen pension scheme known as Sandhya Suraksha Yojane (SSY) introduced in 2007. It intends to cover the larger section of poor elderly who may not be covered through IGNOAPS. 

The objective of SSY, entirely funded by the Government of Karnataka, is to provide financial assistance to the eligible senior citizens of Karnataka while the objective of IGNOAPS is to provide a basic level of financial support to the destitute elderly. Given the vulnerabilities faced by the senior citizen population, it is pertinent to evaluate the senior citizen pension schemes IGNOAPS and SSY.


Project Snapshot:

Project Name Status of Senior Citizens in Karnataka: Evaluation of NOAPS and SSY schemes for Senior Citizens
Project Sanction Date 31 Jan 2019
Project Period Jan 2019 to Jul 2019
Project Location Karnataka
Project Supported By
Project Team

Project objectives:

  • Review the functioning of Old age security for the poor in the country.
  • Analyse the functioning of IGNOAPS of Central Government and SSY of state government and identify their contribution for the welfare of the poor.
  • Analyse the knowledge and awareness about pension schemes among beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries and examine the enrolment process for various pension schemes in Karnataka.
  • Study the pension disbursement mechanism to pension beneficiaries and the performance of pension schemes in Karnataka at micro level.
  • Examine the adequacy of the financial assistance in providing a minimum livelihood to the old age people.

Project Result / Accomplishments:

Pension is the only major livelihood sources for most of the senior citizens who live alone. Therefore, there is a lot of dependence on the amount for purchase of necessities such as food, medicines and clothing. Irregularity of payment is a concern among senior citizens and this if streamlined, could be beneficial as there are cases where a share of this payment needs to be contributed to support family livelihood. There is over-dependence on middlemen for mobilising documents required for availing social security schemes. This is majorly noticeable among senior citizens who are illiterate.

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