Midline Evaluation of Prerepana Project

Prerepana project is concerned with human and social capital development in seven slums of Mysore. The project has been implemented since the year 2016. One of the unique features of this scheme is its emphasis on community ownership. In this, committees are constituted consisting of slum residents for running the execution of the scheme in different thematic areas. The implementation of the scheme is supervised by SVYM, which also has dedicated community facilitators for each slum.


Project Snapshot:

Project Name Midline Evaluation of Prerepana Project
Project Sanction Date 01 Dec 2018
Project Period Dec 2018 to Mar 2019
Project Location Mysuru urban, Karnataka
Project Supported By
Project Team

Project objectives:

  • To measure individuals' awareness about the importance of education in slums.
  • To understand the leadership aspects of women within a family and community, decision making, financial independence and her role in community.
  • To understand the awareness about harmful effects of alcohol consumption, degradation of economic and social status, deterioration of physical and mental health.
  • To study the awareness about the social security programs of Government and their eligibility.

Project Result / Accomplishments:

  • Prerepana contributed to the development of the slums by making their life easier by providing social entitlements, such as ration card and Aadhar card and RTE seat.
  • Members of the committee have been empowered through conducting social entitlement programmes. Thus, they are eligible to take up sustainability programmes and they are well recognised in the community through these programmes. 
  • 48 chronic alcoholics were treated during the current year. Amongst them, 24 have completely stopped drinking alcohol. Around 202 alcoholics are under observation.
  • Children who were irregular and had dropped out from schools have been re-enrolled. 

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