Policy for Procurement of Land for Residential Sites in Karnataka

The Government of Karnataka has taken several measures to ensure housing benefits to the deserving population both in rural and urban areas. It is implementing a housing scheme with the support of the Government of India and its own independent schemes. It is necessary for the beneficiaries to possess their own residential sites to get the benefit of the scheme. However, the families living in acute condition of poverty, normally, will not be having sites and are generally left out from out from the scheme. This, further worsens the disadvantage and is likely to render them perpetually shelter less.


Project Snapshot:

Project Name Policy for Procurement of Land for Residential Sites in Karnataka
Project Sanction Date 26 May 2015
Project Period May 2015 to Oct 2016
Project Location Karnataka
Project Supported By
Project Team

Project objectives:

In order to avail housing benefits under the State government housing schemes, beneficiaries should possess their own land. In case of non-availability of government land, provision has been made to buy required land from land owners. Hence, Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation (RGRHC) proposed to come out with a new land acquisition policy and GRAAM took up initiatives to provide a draft policy. 

Project Result / Accomplishments:

  • Suggested   a   detailed   process   for   identification   of Government land for residential plots
  • Suggested a set of standards for the identification of land suitable for housing
  • Suggested   the   do’s   and   don’ts   to   be   followed   in identifying land
  • Suggested the formation of committees at multilevel to get approval and clarifications from each level
  • Various  selection  options  were  given  to  fix  rate  for private land while purchasing land for housing facilities from land owners

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