Process Evaluation of Prema Vidya

Prema Vidya is an educational facilitating program committed to provide quality education for children across the state by lending a hand to the needy students and their families. Prema Vidya operates by identifying certain indicators to achieve significant, sustained and widespread gains in a student’s academic performance.


Project Snapshot:

Project Name Process Evaluation of Prema Vidya
Project Sanction Date 01 Feb 2015
Project Period Feb 2015 to Mar 2016
Project Location Karnataka
Project Supported By
Project Team

Project objectives:

  • To map the genesis and milestones of the Prema Vidya project (focusing on the process)
  • To understand and evaluate the processes that are being followed in the project
  • To evaluate whether a program’s operational mechanisms support the achievement of the objectives of the program.
  • To suggest necessary improvements in the processes vis- à-vis the outputs for the immediate plan period

Project Result / Accomplishments:

GRAAM submitted a detailed report to SVYM mapping process diagram being followed with respect to the said objectives. Recommendation for process improvement and changes required in the administrative structure for effective implementation of the program was provided.


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