COVI Reach

The Project was developed with a goal to transform the fight against COVID into a community driven activity from a government dependent activity. A community driven outcome of COVID FREE MYSURU is being achieved through creation of a sustainable system and integration of panchayat and village task forces into it, along with Information Care and Network (ICAN) youth groups and health care workers. The project initially was launched for a period of two months with the support of Aris Global’s CSR outreach.  Since the launch of the intervention, the project has been able to serve seven Gram Panchayats comprising 56 villages of Mysore taluk, and a population of more than sixty thousand people. 


Project Snapshot:

Project objectives:

  • To strengthen 07 Grama Panchayat Level and Village Level COVID Task Force for planning activities for preventing COVID and promoting COVID appropriate behaviour
  • To provide necessary material support including masks, isolation kit, and grocery kit to the most needy COVID affected families in the project area
  • To enhance awareness on prevention and management of COVID through IEC Kits, audio announcements and video dissemination through WhatsApp platform created for each village
  • To compliment the efforts of the community health workers by providing safety kits, home isolation monitoring and facilitating community support
  • To provide telephonic support to the COVID affected people/family mainly to infill positivity and provide right information

Project Result / Accomplishments:

Strengthening the Grama Panchayat by providing training, emotional and moral support, village isolation centers, and also conducting intensifying vaccination drive

Building a team of youth volunteers to spread the right information and vigilance in homes. 

Engaging Community-based organizations like Self Help Group for social hygiene, harmony, and hope group, ensuring COVID resilient behavior and Community support

Supporting Community Health Personnel by providing personal safety kits, incentives, and distribution of masks and kits

Mobilizing Civil Society Support through SAMVEDANA – on the field team, SPANDANA -Telephonic support to COVID patients + families 

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