Development of State of the 21st Century Skills Sector Report

UNICEF's YuwaaH is a large-scale and ambitious programme, anchored by UNICEF, that aims to use the medium of partnerships with a range of enabling and solutions partners in government, business and civil society to unleash the potential of young people. It aims to see all young people in the age group of 10-24 in school, undergoing formal or informal learning or training or in jobs by the year 2030 and also enable the development of the youth of the nation into change makers. YuWaaH initiative to strengthen and harmonize 21st century skills interventions, it is critical to understand the existing landscape/players and interventions in the 21st century or life skills domain, the available literature or studies/assessments related to 21st century skill initiatives in India and the challenges, policy, implementation and awareness gaps, enablers and best practices that exist in the domain.A status report on the 21st century skills scenario in India can serve as a situation assessment with which the impacts of the future YuWaaH programmes.
UNICEF has assigned GRAAM to develop a  status report on the 21st century skills scenario in India and it serves as a situation assessment with the impacts of the future YuWaaH programmes. 


Project Snapshot:

Project Name Development of State of the 21st Century Skills Sector Report
Project Sanction Date 11 Oct 2021
Project Period Oct 2021 to Feb 2022
Project Location Karnataka, New Delhi
Project Supported By
Project Team

Project objectives:

The objective of this assignment is to collect data on the status of 21st century skills interventions in India, draft the status report on the 21st century skills scenario in India on the basis of the collected data, and contribute to the dissemination of the report and its recommendations. 

Project Result / Accomplishments:

  • Data has been collected and analyzed for this State of the Sector Report through a mixed-methods approach (with a dominant qualitative component). This study combines primary data and desk review (secondary data collection) to arrive at an analysis of the 21st-century skills interventions in India. 
  • Representatives of key stakeholder groups who shape and are affected by 21st-century skills interventions have been another source of insight. 
  • Survey (poll) of young people through the UReport platform of UNICEF conducted with more than 12,099 young people, to find out their awareness of 21st-century skills and perception of their awareness. 
  • 33 Visionary Interviews of practitioners, academics, corporate, players and policy actors. 
  • Eight Focused Group Discussions (FGDs) of youth, parents, and principals. 

GRAAM has successfully submitted the State of the 21st-Century Skill Sector Report


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