Dr Arpita Mitra

Senior Research Associate

Dr Arpita Mitra works as a Senior Research Associate in GRAAM.   She was awarded Ph.D. (Anthropology)  for her thesis on  `Prevalence and Risk of Infectious Diseases associated with HIV amongst the Tribes of Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya’ from Amity Institute of Anthropology, Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with Washington University.

She has more than eight years of research experience in Research & Development areas of Public health, Basic research, Social research, Educational research, Livelihood opportunities, Implementation and Action research, etc. She worked on projects funded by John Hopkins University, USA,  public health projects at MANT, World Health Organization, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), and other projects funded by the Government of India.

With this, she also completed her certificate course in French Language, Communication Skills, and Behavioural Sciences.

Arpita is a Member of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. Her hobbies include dancing and traveling. 

Project Handled

# Name of the Project Assignment Partner Thematic Area Project Type Assignment Period
1 Perspectives and practices of tribal traditional healers on health and health systems across different states of India: Mixed method study Piramal Swasthya Management and Research Institute Public Health Development Research Dec 2022

Dec 2023

1. Lal P, Mitra A, Yadav A, Sarkar R, Hinderaker GS, Mukherjee N. Raising the Age of Purchase and Use of Tobacco Product in Bangladesh: Benefits and Challenges in Protecting Youth from the Tobacco Epidemic (2021). Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention; 2(S2):65-70.

2. Deb R, Singh S, Quazi M, Kaur H, Sanatombi NG, Vizo M, Banita L, Mitra A, Sharma K, Aurora H (2020). A Study of the Socio-Demographic Profile and Health Seeking Behaviour of the Vegetable Vendors, New Delhi. Int J HealthCare Edu & Med Inform; 7(1&2): 21-27.

3.Mitra A, Deb R (2019). Incidence of Pulmonary and Extra-pulmonary Tuberculosis among Jaintia Tribes, Meghalaya: A Hospital-based Study. Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development; 10 (7), 433-437.

4. Mitra A, Deb R (2019). Risk of HIV Infection among Tuberculosis Patients of Jaintia Tribes, Meghalaya. Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development; 10 (2):159; DOI: 10.5958/0976-5506.2019.00278.X .

5. Deb R, Mitra A, Mandal S, Baroah M, Tongper I (2018). Knowledge and Attitude towards HIV/AIDS among Tribal Youth of Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya. Indian Journal of Youth and Adolescent Health; 5(1):38-42.

6. Mitra A, Deb R (2015). Growth and Development at the Age of Menarche: A Review. Indian Journal of Youth and Adolescent Health; 2(1&2):33-6.

7. Mitra A, Gupta S, Deb R (2014). Initiation of alcohol abuse amongst youth: A review of various risk factors. South Asian Anthropologists);14 (2):147-51.

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