Pushpa C O

Research Fellow

Pushpa has M.Sc degree in Agricultural Statistics from the University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK Bangalore, and Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development from Annamalai University Tamil Nadu. She has over 4 years of Research experience as a Statistician in Data Collection, Validation, Data Analysis and Interpretation in different themes viz., Human Development, Education, Nutrition, Livelihood, and Land Use Dynamics. Pushpa has also worked as a faculty member in Horticulture and Agriculture colleges for six years.                 She has also worked as a reviewer for a) the International Journal of Plant & Soil Science b) the Journal of Global Ecology and Environment c) Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics d) the Asian Journal of Advances in Agricultural Research.                                                                                                             

Awards Received:

a) Outstanding / Best M.Sc Thesis -2021 from International Web Conference on Innovative and Current Advances in Agriculture and Allied Science (ICAAAS2021) – by Society for Scientific Development in Agriculture & Technology

b) National Award of Excellence 2022 - by Global Management Council Ahmedabad.


Project Handled

# Name of the Project Assignment Partner Thematic Area Project Type Assignment Period
1 Evaluation of an implementation of Graduation Approach by The/Nudge Institute in North Karnataka The/Nudge Learning, Skill Development and Livelihood Development Research Nov 2022

Feb 2025

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