Nikhilesh Bagade

Sr. Research Associate

Nikhilesh is a Senior research Associate at GRAAM. Mr Nikhilesh has completed M Tech and PhD in Technology & Development  from Centre for Technology Alternatives in Rural Areas, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai.

Mr. Nikhilesh  has worked as Program Analyst in Cognizant Technology Solutions and Senior Development Officer in BAIF Research & Development Foundation and played a role of senior development associate in various projects.  He was  freelancing as a development practitioner  for designing & development of education material & games, design & development of training modules for development practitioners & conducting courses and  execution of low cost farming project in Yavatmal district with local NGO.

Project Handled

# Name of the Project Assignment Partner Thematic Area Project Type Assignment Period
1 SVEEP Museum & capacity Building center Office of the chief Electoral officer, Karnataka Governance and Democratization Development Research Jun 2021

Aug 2021


Bagade, N., Rao, B., Kedare, S. B., Vekhande, S., & Honkalaskar, V. (2020). Farm Household Accounting System for Financial analysis in Distressed Area of Rural India. RuTag IIT Madras 2020 (p. 14). Chennai: RuTag IIT Madras 2020

Honkalaskar, V. H., Kedare, S. B., & Bagade, N. (2018). Understanding Agrarian Crisis: A Participatory and Qualitative Systemic Analysis. Journal of Agricultural Studies vol 6, no 1, 261-298 

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