Janardhan K

Sr. Manager - Programs

Mr Janardhana is a senior Manager for programs at GRAAM. He holds  more than  25 years of experience in handling Community Developmental activities like CBO's Formation &  training, promotion of livelihood training, health & sanitation programme, monitoring civil works, school education programs, handling office HR and operational administrative works.

He holds a position of  Secretary for Spandana Rural Development Institution and Membership for SHARP Association.

His career started with MYRADA and later he moved to  Karnataka State Government’s - Integrated Tank Development Project,  Prakruthi NGO, Outreach NGO, NRDS and ITC CSR (Mission Suneharakal) Project.

Janardhana is always open to learning new things.

Project Handled

# Name of the Project Assignment Partner Thematic Area Project Type Assignment Period
1 We Mill-A Social Business Initiatives for Rural Women Wurth Electronics Learning, Skill Development and Livelihood Development Research Nov 2019

Mar 2025
2 Health Enrich NABFINS,SVYM,Rotary Club South (Mysuru),Wurth Electronics Learning, Skill Development and Livelihood Social Impact Assessment & Evaluation Apr 2016

Sep 2017

  • Authored Karnataka Vision document-2025 for Skill Development an employment Sector for Government of Karnataka
  • Authored Policy on Skill Development, Livelihood and Entrepreneurship to Government of Karnataka: 2017-2030
  • Basavaraju R., & T.M.,Mahesh.(2019). Awareness level of beneficiaries with respect to the concepts and services of Sanjeevini- A study of Mysuru district. International Journal of Advance research, Ideas and innovations in Technology, 5(3) IJARIIT.com.
  • Presented a paper on `Self-help Group Model for Eliminating Poverty, Promoting Community, inclusion, and Building Capabilities for Persons with Disabilities in Rural India, in Human Development and Capability Association Annual Conference, Athens, Greece, September 4, 2014.
  • Paper presentation on `Business model of health enrich-A Rural Social Business initiative by GRAAM on 9th March 2018 at the Garden City university, Bengaluru in the international conference TRANSITION 2018 on forgotten ethnic foods of India.

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