Events attended by GRAAMers

Various academic events attended by GRAAMers has been highlighted.

Events attended by GRAAMers

Public Engagements of Dr. R. Balasubramaniam:

 Delivered a Talk on “Building capacity for a New India”, Hosted by NACIN, Bengaluru on 13th October 2021.

Delivered a Lecture Series on “Book Talk Series: I The Citizen” Hosted by JSW School of Public Policy, Ahmedabad on 25th October 2021.

 Talk delivered on “Path to $ 5 Trillion” Hosted by TIEcon Mysuru on 4th December 2021.

Speaker for the talk on “Spirituality and Realizing Human Potential” Hosted by United Consciousness Conclave 2021 on 19th December 2021.

Delivered a talk on  "Ancient Insights and Modern Discoveries"  hosted by Vivekananda Institute for Human Excellence, Hyderabad on 19th December 2021.

 Events attended by Dr Basavaraju R Shreshta

Delivered a talk on `Managing Covid-19 at Grassroots level: Local Governance and a Policy perspective’ in a CAREER SESSION organised by  O.P. Jindal Global University on 8th October.  

Took sessions on Introduction to Public Policy to 5th cohort of QCI professionals in New Delhi between 23  and 24th of November. 

Delivered a talk on Good Governance at AIR Mysuru on 24th December.

Events attended by Dr Ananya Samajdar

Dr Ananya Samajdar, Head, Research, GRAAM, participated in the  Development Partners Meet of Development Monitoring and Evaluation Office (DMEO), Niti Aayog at NITI Bhavan, New Delhi on 24th November 2021. Other development partners 3ie, JPAL, UNICEF, UNDP and TISS were also part of the meeting. Ideas and experiences around strengthening of the M&E ecosystem through capacity building, engagement with the states and through the National Evaluation Policy Framework was discussed in the event. Dr Ananya Samajdar, described details of studies done for Karnataka Evaluation Authority (KEA) including the sample sizes and methods used in the event.

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