G20's Civil 20 India Summit

Strengthening democracy through Delivering Democracy Working Group

G20's Civil 20 India Summit

Dear Well-wishers of GRAAM,

In a world where democracy faces numerous challenges, we at GRAAM had an opportunity to deliberate the ways and means to strengthen it. G20-C20 Delivering Democracy working group has been one of GRAAM’s most distinguished experiences. We got an incredible opportunity to host the best minds of civil society and global champions of democracy.

Through the working group activities, we made significant strides in promoting and protecting democracy, not only in India but also on the global stage. Let’s delve into our impact within this working group & the vital role of grassroots advocacy in strengthening democracy.

For more than 8 months, GRAAM collaborated with civil society organisations as partners to conduct more than 20 events in which 5000+ participants from 20+ countries took part. Our online engagements have exceeded the mark of 20,000. The fruits of our labor are certainly tangible and commendable.

We have accomplished a series of dynamic activities that have showcased our commitment to promoting democratic values:

  • 02 In-person International Conferences held in North and South India
  • 04 Regional Roundtables conducted across the four corners of our nation
  • 04 Enlightening International Webinars that transcended geographical boundaries
  • 07 Innovative Online Engagement Events that ignited meaningful discussions
  • 20 Insightful Videos capturing stakeholder's perspectives on democracy
  • A vibrant "Jan Bhagidari" event that emphasized inclusive participation
  • 07 Dynamic Campus20 initiatives fostering youth involvement
  • Engaging Poster Presentations that visualized our collective aspirations
  • Inspiring Poem Competitions that tapped into our creative expressions
  • The Model G20 Summit, a testament to our vision of effective democracy
  • The publication of a Policy Pack that distills our collective wisdom

The Civil 20 Policy Pack was officially launched by Hon. Defence Minister of India, Sh. Rajnath Singh, and Chair of C20, Mata Amritanandamayi, in the presence of over 200 civil society organization leaders from 25+ countries representing G20 nations in C20 Summit Jaipur in July 2023. These recommendations were officially handed over to the Government of India, and were shared with world leaders in the G20 Leaders’ Summit this September.

As the scheduled C20 activities concluded, the endeavour to uphold and continue this legacy is only commencing. We now leave behind a resonant civil society that is actively engaged in the matters of democracy. The establishment of this forum empowers us to have deeper insights into the pivotal domains, aligned with the 3P Principle of Participating, Partnership and Promotion.

Our consistent efforts have also made a global contribution by fostering an environment conducive to achieving SDG16 of promoting peaceful and inclusive societies.

As we stand on the precipice of change, we acknowledge that this is only the beginning. The torch of progress we have lit will guide us forward as we continue to collaborate with governments, international partners, and all other stakeholders. Together, we will champion the cause of democracy serving as catalysts for transformation and positive change.

We would also like to thank all the readers following our newsletters, blogposts publications and social media posts. If you're inspired by GRAM's work in strengthening democracy at the grassroots level, please consider supporting our initiatives. Your contributions can make a meaningful difference in the lives of communities and in the health of democracy.

Let us embark on the next phase of our journey together, with unwavering enthusiasm, united in our pursuit of a better world for India and beyond, fulfilling our motto of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

Please take time to go through the Democracy Policy Pack which provides policy recommendations to strengthen and deepen democracy in the G20 Nations. Shades of Democracy document will take you through the rich democractic past of Bharat.

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