The Youth for Governance Fellowship Mysuru 2023 proudly presents the My City Governance Conference, a significant event aimed at showcasing the research efforts of the youth for Governance fellows in Mysuru. This conference is a platform for young minds to delve into the intricacies of governance and developmental issues within the city. The Youth of Mysuru are actively involved to give them an opportunity to understand the issues in Mysuru and importance of youth participation Governance for better decision making and development.


? Youth Engagement: Foster active participation of the youth in understanding and addressing governance and developmental issues in Mysuru.
? Knowledge Dissemination: Provide a platform for youth to present their research findings on governance and developmental challenges in the city.
? Collaboration and Networking: Facilitate collaboration between youth, academic institutions, and Institutions that promote collective efforts for effective governance.


Conference Components

1. Panel Discussions: Engage experts, public representatives, policymakers, and academics in panel discussions to provide diverse perspectives on governance challenges and potential solutions. The discussions will focus on actionable strategies for development of the city with youth participation in governance.

2. Research Presentations: Youth for Governance fellows will present their research findings on various governance and developmental issues affecting Mysuru. This will include topics such as People participation in Governance, public health, education, and Persons with

3. Youth Poster Presentation: Engage the youth in visually representing their visions and contributions to the development of Mysuru. The theme for the poster presentation is "My City, My Vision, and My Contribution." This component encourages creative expression and provides an avenue for participants to showcase their ideas, projects, and solutions for a better Mysuru.


             28 Nov 2023 - 28 Nov 2023

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