Academic Programs

In last couple of years, GRAAM has developed itself from being a Research and Advocacy initiative to Capacity Building Initiative in the areas of Research, Evaluation, Public Policy, Program Evaluation etc. GRAAM has been conducting a two weeks full-time in-person workshop on Public Policy and Program Evaluation (3PE) in collaboration with Cornell University, USA. GRAAM’s IPP is focused on general public policy aspirants coming from across the world. The program is organised in partnership with the Indian Institute of Development (IIDL) under Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini(RMP), Mumbai. GRAAM offers a great learning opportunity for Postgraduates and Research Scholars pursuing their studies in the development sector. Every year we receive numerous applications seeking internship opportunities from across the globe, including premium institutions in the US like Cornell, University of IOWA, and IITs, IIMs, other social sectors & premiere management institutes like TISS, SPJIMR, NMIMS, Manipal, OP Jindal, etc in India.

Vision: To build collaborative and continuous learning community in the pursuit of human and social capital development 


Mission: Amalgamate the rich practitioners experience and rigorous knowledge from academia Motivate a cadre of development professionals and evaluation researchers to be committed for evidence-based policy making and appreciates grassroots insights in public policy making.


Academic Programs


3PE- Public policy and Program evaluation workshop (collaboration with Cornell University)

Introductory training program (IPP) for their young professionals (Partnership with Quality Council of India)

Youth for Governance Mysuru Fellowship Impacting Urban Governance (Partnership with Hanns Siedel Foundation, Germany)

Policy Bootcamp on understanding grassroots experience of policy implementation

Introduction to Public Policy (Human & Social Development- Online Certificate Course)


GRAAM's Academic and Capacity Building Portfolios


Capacity Building Training Programs: Need Based and Target Specific Capacity Development Programs for Corporate Social Responsibility, Non-Government and Government Organisations

Providing expert consultation in developing and designing curriculum in the areas of public policy and Development

Internships & Fellowships: Visiting Professors / Faculties for leading International and Indian Universities / Institutions 

Webinars/ Conferences/ Round tables/ Conclaves/ Dialogues/ Consultation workshop etc.


Capacity Building expertise: Key Functional Areas of GRAAM


Social Research Design: Developing capacity in social research design and implementation.

Online Data Collection: Capacity building in online data collection methods using Kobo tool.

Stakeholder Consultation: Training on stakeholder consultation and analysis using participatory methods.

Research Data Collection: Providing training on research data collection methods and process.

Program Design and Evaluation: Building expertise in program design and program evaluations.

Community-based Planning: Capacity building in community-based planning and monitoring of health, education, and rural development.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research: Training on practical aspects of qualitative and quantitative research methods.

CSR Program Design: Strategic CSR program design, monitoring, and impact assessments.

Social Audit and Accountability: Training on social audit and social accountability exercises.


Capacity Building Expertise - Niche Areas


Community Monitoring of Health Systems: Training the trainers for community monitoring of health systems at the grassroots level such as JAS / VHSNC / PMC.

Gender and Health for Children: GRAAM has developed a niche program modules “I and My Health’ and ‘Savitri Bha Phule Group’ focusing girl children at school.

Rural Social Business Development: Training the trainers for developing rural social business for marginalized women communities

RMNCH+A Services: Training the trainers for implementation of RMNCH+A services at the grassroots level.

School Development  & Monitoring: Training the trainers for strengthening school development monitoring committees.

Forest Rights Committee: ToT for social workers on creating Forest Rights Committee and managing its activities.


Projects / Programmes

  • Ongoing Projects
  • Completed Projects
# Name of the Project Assignment Partner Thematic Area Project Type Assignment Period
1 Youth for Governance Fellowship – Mysuru PRIA,Hanns Seidel Foundation Governance and Democratization Academic Programs Jan 2024
Dec 2024
# Name of the Project Assignment Partner Thematic Area Project Type Assignment Period
1 Introduction to Public Policy- IPP Learning, Skill Development and Livelihood Academic Programs Jan 2022
Oct 2023
2 Certificate Program: Introduction to Public Policy Quality Council of India Learning, Skill Development and Livelihood Academic Programs Jan 2019
Dec 2022

Partnership & Collaboration

GRAAM Activities



Introduction to Public Policy

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Annual Reports - 2019-20

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GRAAM's quarterly newsletter covering the policy developments through GRAAM's research and consultancy projects

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This latest book is an attempt to document the wisdom and demonstration of leadership exercised by the ‘ordinary’, ‘extraordinary’.

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