The empaneled consultant

      The empaneled consultant will be associated with GRAAM as an expert consultant for extending GRAAM’s geographic and thematic areas of operation. 

      The consultant

          The consultant would associate in the research, policy engagement, academic activities, other projects of mutual interest, and performing the role/functions through a project-specific ToR (Terms of Reference) 

          as and when it arises.

          Empanelment schedule

              The duration of the engagement is 24 months from the date of signing the ToR. The consultant will associate with GRAAM on a freelance basis on a pro bono basis. After the completion of the duration, it can be extended based on mutual consensus.


                  GRAAM is looking for expert consultants with at least 20 years of experience as a researcher, public policy professional or development consultant in the thematic areas predefined by GRAAM

                  The expert consultant should be high on social commitments, should believe in evidence-based approaches in bringing policy or program change

                  The expert consultant should be able to carry out the assignments independently (with the required support of GRAAM) or add value to the outputs of GRAAM

                  Please note: This is not a full-time role

                  Platforms / Offering to GRAAM’s Expert Consultant

                  Professional engagement with GRAAM and the international community’s that GRAAM is associated with for collaborative research and academic engagements

                  Opportunity to work from GRAAM’s existing offices as and when required for a stipulated period of time, based on mutual convenience

                  Opportunity to use GRAAM’s Newsletter to disseminate consultant’s research works and publication

                  Opportunities for referring and overseeing interns (masters and doctoral students) in the areas of expertise of the consultant

                  Research and advocacy projects in various fields of development for your undergraduate/graduate students/interns to work on

                  Special access to the GRAAM’s website and its resources

                  Invitation to the conferences/ workshops that GRAAM organizes

                  Probable nomination to the external conferences/ workshops that GRAAM receives an invitation to participate

                  Participation in the workshops and training programs offered by GRAAM either free of cost or at the subsidized cost

                  Opportunity to nominate one candidate in a year to the workshop/training program conducted by GRAAM at the subsidized cost

                  A platform to house the projects of mutual interest at GRAAM and use the institutional platforms.

                  Opportunities for directing/ advising/ volunteering in the CSR and Development projects

                  Opportunities to work on ongoing projects or initiate new ones as per mutual consensus

                  Utilize GRAAM’s platform to apply for new projects or to collaborate either independently or with the consultant’s present organization

                  Send your profiles/  queries to: ed@graam.org.in

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