Strategic Consultation

GRAAM’s killer proposition is its origin of service delivery organization, expertise and exposure of micro and macro level developmental scenario and academic quality. GRAAM has a proven expertise in devising, developing, implementing & creating a replicable models of development projects across the geography. We have served as consulting partners to various Government, Non-Government, and Corporates in developing policies, vision documents, strategic framework, guidelines, action plans, organisation development and various other other consulting services.


  • Ongoing Projects
  • Completed Projects
# Name of the Project Assignment Partner Thematic Area Project Type Assignment Period
# Name of the Project Assignment Partner Thematic Area Project Type Assignment Period
1 Outsourcing formulation of policy options and legal implications for enabling prescription and dispensing by mid-level health workers and nurses for primary health care in India World Health Organisation Public Health Strategic Consultation Jun 2019
Nov 2019
2 Research & Strategic Consultation for the establishment of NR Foundation’s PwD Skill and Employment Facilitation Centre NR Foundation Learning, Skill Development and Livelihood Strategic Consultation Aug 2018
Dec 2018
3 Project Samvarthana: Nurturing the First 1000+ Days A Convergent Approach to Child Survival & Development UNICEF Public Health Strategic Consultation Nov 2015
Oct 2016
4 Study of Health Need Assessment in the selected Graam Panchayat of Ramanagara District, Karnataka Toyota Public Health Strategic Consultation Sep 2015
Nov 2015

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