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As the India Coordinator for the C20 Working Group Delivering Democracy, GRAAM has launched a social media campaign called "My Stance on Democracy: Power to the People" which aims to provide a platform for individuals & organisations to articulate their idea of democracy and take a stand on this fundamental human right.

We recognize the vital role NGOs, CSOs, and Development & Public Policy Professionals play in promoting and protecting democratic values, and believe that your voice is crucial in shaping the conversation around democracy and its role in society.

Individuals and development organisations can take part in this event.


Some broad level issues you can address:

Remember, these questions are just to trigger your thoughts, but you need not limit yourself only to these questions.
1. What is your idea of democracy and what measures do you suggest to strengthen it?
2. What does inclusive democracy mean to you and what measures do you think could be taken to increase inclusivity in democracy?
3. How can democracy be strengthened at different levels (local, state, national, international) and  what should be the role of citizens and state to achieve the same?
4. How can we ensure that democratic participation of women, LGBT, Persons with Disabilities (PwD) and other minority and marginalized communities is not limited to voting?
5. How can educational institutions better prepare the youth for active citizenship and democratic participation?
6. How can social media and technology be used to make democratic processes more inclusive?
7. Do you believe that quotas or affirmative action measures are necessary to increase minorities (women, LGBTQ+, PwD) representation in democratic institutions? Why or why not? What measures can the government take to ensure public participation in decision-making/policy-making?
8. What examples of successful models or practices have you seen in other countries or contexts that could be applied to strengthen democracy in your own country?

How can you participate?

Fill a form

As part of our online engagement initiative, we have developed a questionnaire with the broad themes of Inclusive Democracy, Youth and Democracy and Responsible Governance.

You can fill out the form using this link.

Upload a video

You can upload a video on your social media account, articulating your stance on democracy. Pick any one or all or any of the questions given above.
Tag GRAAM's and Hanns Seidel Foundation's official social media handles and use the following hashtags to join the campaign:

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In case of any other queries, please feel free to reach out to us at CSO4Democracyg20c20@graam.org.in
You may call Mr. Jatin at +91-8291637812.

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