Orientation and Felicitation of Tribal Gram Panchayat Members

GRAAM  conducted  an  orientation  workshop  for  34  tribal Gram Panchayat (GP) members from Heggadadevana Kote (H  D  Kote)  on  July  17,  2015.  34  tribal  Gram  Panchayat members of H D Kote were also felicitated at the same forum. The orientation program was exciting because it not only facilitated interaction with elected tribal GP members, but also allowed to compare and contrast their experiences with that of the tribal communities in Kodagu, where, GRAAM recently completed a study on the status of human development.



Project Snapshot:

Project Name Orientation and Felicitation of Tribal Gram Panchayat Members
Project Sanction Date 02 May 2015
Project Period May 2015 to Jun 2015
Project Location HD Kote, Mysuru, Karnataka
Project Supported By
Project Team

Project objectives:

The programme was organised to motivate GP members to involve and initiate Rural Development Programmes in their Panchayats. 

Project Result / Accomplishments:

Tribal GP members received inputs on their role in initiating health, education, income generation and village economic programmes for tribal hamlets in H D Kote taluk. 

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